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Silver leather sandals kids with narrow or regural feet

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Manufacturer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Anglia Silver

  • SKU: 88-789456
  • Designer sandals kids in silver leather
    Quality fashion orthopedic sandals for girls made with silver
    Leather and high arch support for kids.
    Made in Spain for a girl out of best quality silver leather.
    Agatha Ruiz de la Prada best made with lovely leather and pink flower for decoration.
    Universal style that will match just about anything since silver is a neutral color.
    Perfect dressy style but casual enough top wear daily.
    Suitable for narrow feet as they adjust nicely on girls feet.
    They adjust nicely for narrow to regural feet due to double velcro.
    Best for narrow to regural feet since sole on the is adjusted perfectly and measured for average child's foot.

    Quality high arch support for kids.
    Good arches inside.
    None sweat nor smell soles present.
    Child will be ultra comfy in them entire season.
    Absolute best sandals for girls.
    Silver classy sandal for any outfit.
    They correctly will provide optimal support for little feet.
    Europeans only buy best shoes for their children as they form and shape kids feet
    If shoes have no proper orthopedic support or certified as orthopedic then they will deform kids feet and posture.
    That is why we saying it to every parent stay away from cheap shoes - none supportive - not good.
    Over time you will notice various orthopedic problems child will experience.
    It is caused by cheap shoes nothing else.
    Orthopedic problems in kids are develop by wrong shoes with no support.

    Quality fashion orthopedic sandals for girls

    Excellent orthopedic arch with breathable soles for kids


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