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Dress sandals for kids with orthopedic arches from Serbia

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Manufacturer Naturino

Product Code: Siesta Beige

  • SKU: 0010502715 01 0Q06
  • Dress beige sandals for kids with orthopedic arches
    Best for narrow to regural feet since they fully adjust.
    Import from Serbia best leather used.
    Made out of gold/beige metallic leather and decorated with stones and flower.
    Arches in the soles, all the sandals in Europe are manufactured like that.
    Sole provides optimal support and it is mold with arches inside.
    If the lining inside was used like it is in the closed shoe then the front will be too high
    Child might trip on them, thus this is the design that was created back in 1990.
    Natural leather used will not sweat in soles.
    Perfect dressy sandal, lovely

    Soft support leather sandals for kids

    Beige leather with diamonds for kids


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