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Boys ankle shoes that are durable in blue leather

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Jomik Gray

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  • Durable boys or girls white leather sneakers for daily wear
    Pigeon toed shoes corrective for kids with good arches.
    Child with flat feet and severe pronation they correct that as well.
    Proper support for growing and forming feet
    Made out gray, blue, white and white.
    Decorated with red accent.
    They are orthopedic shoes with proper heel support for good ankle alignment.
    No cheap shoes are allowed for sale in Europe as they promote healthy growth in kids.
    If your child is pronated, pigeon toed it is a cause of cheap shoes from China.
    Every shoes sold in USA is not supportive nor orthopedic - they destroy kids feet over time.
    Every orthopedic doctor in Europe will tel you that since medicine in USA is for profit.
    Shoes for a child have to be well made with actual support to form their feet and posture.
    No local foot doctor will tell you that since USA orthopedic doctors like to sell you orthodics and medical visits.
    We in Europe prevent any orthopedic problems with those shoes plus they take care of any other orthopedic problems children might develop.
    We rather spent on good shoes then on medical visits - besides European doctor will only recommend good shoes for a child as those.
    Footwear for kids is controlled by European Ministry of Healthy - all the shoes produced and sold locally and they have to meet orthopedic guidelines.
    That is why our kids in Europe grow up with well formed feet and good posture.

    Medical corrective walking shoes for kids

    Child with flat feet and severe pronation


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