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European beige winter shoes

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Manufacturer Maciejka

Product Code: Clearance

  • SKU: 45-7855
  • European women boots at discount
    Fashion forward style tall comfortable beige boots for women

    Designer boots and style that slides easily on women foot
    Zipper on the side for easy fit.
    The collar on them gives the illusion of folded style
    Boots arrange it nicely on women's foot.

    Made out of beige neutral leather and it is nubuck leather
    That leather is so easy to clean and take care of.
    Just brush them with soap and water to clean them out of soil.
    If some black lines, scuff lines on the shoes they come of so easily with brush and water.
    Those boots and leather will never bleed if you wash them in water and soap.

    It is recommended to treat them with nubuck polish at the end of the season.
    Those boots will last years and years to come and you can get the at sale.
    Average boot from Europe lasts about 9 years of every winter wear.
    That is why boots from Europe cost great money as they last long time.
    Just replace the heels on them every few years and that is all.
    Comfortable, quality leather tall boots - like heaven on women's feet.
    Sold at the sale as we have 2 sizes left.
    Total occasion on sale!
    Maciejka brand boots from Europe is the manufacturer.
    It is quality boots brand that been manufacturing kids and adult shoes for about 20 years.
    Beige soles added for durability and comfort.
    Heel height: 3.5 in
    Waterproof outside so ok to wear them in rain and snow
    Inside they are lined with warm natural felt.

    Fantastic style and extra to elegant to women wardrobe.
    We Europeans buy local boots in Europe, and we skip on those designer ones as they are far more expensive.
    Quality, durability,leather and style is similar to designer ones so we overpay for designer boots.

    Beige snow boots for ladies

    Low heel boots for winter for ladies


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