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European Closed Toe Sandals for Child in blue leather

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Manufacturer Bopi

Product Code: Huron Blue

  • SKU: 55-558
  • European Closed toe Sandals for a Child.
    Leather inside and out with good reinforced ankle support.
    Feet will not collapse in them since they have sturdy ankle support.
    Arch support is molded into the soles (even if you do not feel them with your hand)
    Trust us it is there since soles in Europe are manufactured to contour the foot and provide needed support.
    Rubber being flexible material supports the foot and foot arch to perfection.
    Those shoes will never ever smell if child wears them in hottest weather with no socks.
    The shoes feature flexible, anatomic soles
    Blue, navy and hint of white leather.
    Perfect cross between a sandal and shoe.
    The antibacterial soles are there as well that absorb sweat from kids feet.
    Those shoes correct all foot problems and adjust kids feet into correct position
    They prevent all orthopedic problems that child might develop.
    They are perfect orthopedic supportive shoes for a child.
    Pigeon toe correction, bow legs, posture alignment issues - hey support it all.
    Wearing such shoe consistently will make a difference in kids feet.
    Shaping feet is a process that takes time
    When child wears none supportive shoes orthopedic problems will arise.
    That is why kids shoes are ultra important for their feet and posture development.
    They only need 2 pairs for rotation.

    Pigeon toe correction leather shoes for a boy or girl

    Soft walking shoes for a child


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