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European high top snow boots for kids in Canada

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  • European high top boots for kids in Canada
    Navy blue and gray color wool boots for a boy or girl with a great support.
    Quality snow boots for a child from Europe with profiled soles.
    They feature it all - they are waterproof, good for snow and sold weather.
    Arches present in the soles of the shoe like all the shoes are made in Europe.
    Lined with warm fleece for warmth and have waterproof gortex lined inside as well.
    They are not heavy, clunky or bulky - snow boots just cannot be.
    If they are heavy like some of the snow boots we see on kids - Sorrel or some other rubber heavy brand
    They are not good for kids feet. Heavy set boots like those deform kids feet and body gait.
    Over time child will become pigeon toed and that will be the cause of those boots.
    Snow boots for a child have to be light and have good walking soles.
    Those are example of good walking snow boots. - not clunky - but ortho boots.

    Totally waterproof and snow proof winter boots

    Made out of navy and black natural smooth leather.


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    Oxana D. Deerfield, IL 2013-12-15 00:05:02

    Drove in a snow to Wilmette today and got those great snow boots. They are light, wool lined, not too high and very light in weight. My son just came from playing in a snow few hours and his feet were dry. I can't imagine how people can buy heavy chinse rubber boots and place them on their kids feet. They can't walk in them nor move. This is quality alternative with natural wool, insulated and waterproof. Best of the best and made in Europe not China. It is OK to spent a little more money for quality shoes since they do shape their feet, however in USA no parent knows that....strange....