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European leather shoes cheap price

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Manufacturer Artek

Product Code: CLEARANCE

  • SKU: 12-458
  • Tags:  dress-shoes-girls

    White dress shoes for girls for special occasion

    Perfect for special occasion or communion.
    European leather shoes cheap price.
    Made out of white leather.
    Great arches, none sweat soles.
    Dressy white rubber sole.
    Top quality shoes for a child.

    The shoes are new but have some yellow sole discolorations on the sole.
    The shoes were displayed on the shelf but rotated to keep the color even.
    Leather or white sole exposed to daylight changes color over time and that is what happened to those shoes.
    They are brand new and never left the store.
    It does not affect the wear since soles will turn yellow from wear over time.
    The best way to restore them is to use white leather pain and cover them over.
    They will look like brand new.
    That is why we selling them at a deep discount.
    We can sent you images so you can judge them for yourself.

    White dress shoes for girls for special occasion

    White Communion shoes for girls


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