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Blue leather ankle high ortho shoes on sale

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Product Code: Batavia Blue

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  • European shoes for sale for children
    Made in Europe according to orthopedic standards set by Ministry of Health.
    Proper arch, ankle support, heel support for forming and developing feet.
    Corrective for children walking on tippy toes especially as they sturdy in the back and you need that to stop tip toe walking.
    Made out of blue leather that is mercury free (shoes made in China always have mercury on their leather).
    Decorated with pink flowers for children.
    Best orthopedic high top walker that you can buy for children.
    Has it all - good heel support, orthopedic arches that will correct and align children feet.
    Stable soles, ankle supportive, good arches, none sweat soles.
    They will alight your toddlers feet in correct position over time.
    Just do not rotate them with local boots sold in USA, they all made in China and they are not orthopedic.
    Whatever quality children European shoes does to the foot the cheap one destroys and deform child's foot, so you nave see any improvement.
    Children need supportive European shoes as those as their feet are forming and growing.
    Best for any orthopedic foot problem that child might have.
    This brand is designed and manufactured by podiatrist brand from Europe so simply the best for children.
    We do have children European shoes, boots, sneakers on sale in Europe clearance section, last sizes so they sell quickly.

    Sale European shoes for children

    Breathable leather antibacterial innersoles


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    Jenn C - Rancho Santa Fe 2017-09-08 14:43:24

    Fantastic shoe for a child. High in the back, supportive with profiled sole. Great arch inside as well plus very soft leather. I got them for Fall wear and it was a great buy. Super fast shipping. It was my first order but it will not be the last as this store sells truly orthopedic, quality shoes. No cheap imports from China! We have enough of that garbage in this country already.