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Excessive pronation pink boots for kids

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  • Excessive pronation boots for kids
    Proper snow boots supportive with heel alignment for pronation.
    Yes, even snow boots in Europe for kids are pronation preventive.
    No cheap none orthopedic boots are ever produced for kids.
    They have to be quality, orthopedic and absolute best to meet the orthopedic guidelines.
    If the factory does not comply ministry of health will shut them down in Europe.
    Reason for that is shoes for kids have to be made absolute best and orthopedic.
    If they are not, they are not allowed to be sold in Europe.
    Europe has no business of orthodics like it is in USA.
    We buy good shoes for a child from the day one, till teen years.
    Kids wear only best shoes and end up with best feet, good posture.
    No orthopedic problems of any kind.
    Shoes are very important for kids since they form their feet.
    It has nothing to do with fashion and look.
    They make them nice looking in Europe since we only buy 2 pairs per season.
    They are expensive there as well.
    People who produce them in Europe gets paid living wages and best materials are used.
    We do not have cheap imports from third world countries.
    That way the jobs are kept in the countries and quality, useful products are made.
    Just like those super boots.
    Nice color fuchsia with fun design.
    Laces are decorative, since they close with side zip.
    Arches present, waterproof and lined with gortex and wool.
    Feet will never sweat in them due to special innersoles.
    Wear them in heavy snow, they never will leak any water.
    They are also ultra light for a child since no heavy clunky, chunky boots are produced for any child.

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