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Extra wide width sneakers for toddler
Wide width extra wide toe box and best for extra wide high instep toddlers.
Best for truly extra wide feet toddler with good arch support for walking toddlers.
Pigeon toed
feet best orthopedic toddlers sneakers
Double extra wide sneakers for a baby girl made in Turkey out of quality leather.
Baby girl best running toddlers sneakers with
high arch support.

Pink/blue leather.
Decorated with flowers all over the style.
Has two cut outs on the side of the toddlers sneakers for style and ventilation.
Ortho arches, heel support and none sweat soles.
Great to wear barefoot no blisters or smelly feet ever.
It is a good cross between a sandal and sneaker for daily spring or summer wear.

Pigeon toed feet best orthopedic shoes

Baby girl best running shoes with high arch support.


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Liliana, Holly Hills, CO 2019-07-19 15:30:17

Good for chubby wide feet that my daughter has. We like them so they are like sandals or sneakers since they have those side holes in them. They breathe well to soo no more sweaty feet. Arch is there and good leather. Thank you for suggestion - it was a good one from that store that replies to you in instant. I appreciate good service and product.