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Brand: Falcotto

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Falcotto baby new walking shoes

Falcotto baby new walking shoes
Flat feet new walker baby orthopedic shoes
Gray leather casual style lovely baby shoes with high arch support.
Hand made in Europe.

Gray leather with a delicate flower print.

Proper arches, heel support and anti sweat soles.
Quality shoes as those form and shape kids feet giving proper ankle and foot support.
Kids feet are like jello you can form them anyway you like it.
Simple fact - cheap shoes with no support that equals to deformed feet.
Orthopedic shoes for a child that equals to correctly formed feet and no orthopedic problems
Did you know that pigeon toe, ankle pronation, ankles turning inwards, flat feet (only 5% are genetic rest is due to cheap shoes with no support)
Orthopedic problems are caused by child wearing cheap shoes from China.
Every doctor in Europe will tell you that...that is why we avoid cheap shoes like a plague in Europe.

Flat feet new walker baby orthopedic shoes

High arch support shoes for kids with support


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