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Fisherman style canvas shoes for kids

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Brands Naturino

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  • Fisherman style canvas shoes for kids
    Perfect summer shoes for a toddler to just run around.
    Close with side velcro and easy on and off style.
    Arch support best with proper heel and ankle support for kids
    Canvas is a breathable material and it is best to wear in hot summer months.
    Those little shoes have proper orthopedic arches inside with leather innersoles.
    They are blue canvas jeans color like that is great for girl or boy.
    Closed toe model with open sides.
    Arches present in the soles of the model.
    Great cross between a sandal and canvas
    New sole technology used in those slippers where arches build into the soles.
    There is no flat flippers for kids produced in Europe - ever.
    All the slippers, shoes, boots, sneakers made in Europe for kids have to be manufactured orthopedic.
    Local production only - not outsourced to China.
    Why? Quality and orthopedic support will disappear.
    Footwear for kids is viewed as foot developmental need for a child
    That is why production in Europe is always local.
    Orthopedic summer shoes for a child with proper arch and ankle support for kids.
    Sole on them is made out of soft rubber and the sole never turns yellow since it is special anti color rubber.
    Soles are profiled as they should be for a small child.
    Try them they are super for kids and we sell hundreds of them every season.

    Blue canvas shoes for a toddler for summer

    Fisherman style canvas shoes


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