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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Cytryna Purple

Weak ankles overpronation purple snow boots

Fixing overpronation in kids feet best shoes
Yes, even snow boots for kids have great effect on their feet position
So even snow feet overpronation boots are made to be orthopedic.
No other kind is produced because footwear is regulated for kids in Europe.
They have it all - look and functionality with orthopedic support added.
They are light in weight, good soles for snow traction.
Lovely purple color and best leather used.
They are lined with waterproof lining gortex and inside real wool is added for warmth.
Child will never have wet feet in those feet overpronation boots nor they ever leak water.
You can go ski in them if you like.
Snow feet overpronation boots for kids have to be light in weight.
It is very important for kids walk and body alignment
Rubber snow feet overpronatiion boots are horrible for kids feet, since they are too heavy.
Over time child walks pronated and parent wonders why....from those heavy rubber snow feet overpronation boots.
Another important factor is heel support that every snow boot has that it is made in Europe.
They cannot be soft at the heel since kids feet ankles will collapse.
Good example here are UGS - they are crap shoes that destroy kids feet.
Look at images attached, is that supportive?
Child's ankles are turning inwards and pigeon toes develop.
Pigeon toes from oversized soles those UGS have, they are too wide and not measured for kids feet.
Soles on all European shoes are measured for every size and they adjusted to child's foot so they form foot correctly.
Orthopedic ares are added to those soles as well.
They are companies in Europe that manufacture soles only for all the shoes in Europe and their job is to properly fit them.
So as you can see - time and money is spent on proper measurement, manufacture of those shoes.
That is why they cost money in Europe, shoes are not cheap in Europe and they never have been even years ago.
Good shoes are a must for a child since their feet are formed by them.

he boots are totally lined with sheep natural wool

Totally waterproof, snow proof kids boots


Jessica C, Chicago IL - 27/12/2019

Those are some serious quality snow boots - my daughter wore them to death literally last year and we bought them again. Feet never soaked even once.

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