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Flat feet in toddlers best sneakers for girls

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Sandi Gold

  • SKU: 66-45785
  • Flat feet in toddlers best sneakers for girls.

    Gold high fashion ortho sneakers for a child.

    Made out of gold metallic leather filled with zebra prints.

    Zip close, laces extra.

    French shoes have arches build into the rubber sole.

    Modern technology used, there is no flat shoes in Europe ever produced.

    It is healthier if the rubber sole is molded to child foot since once worn

    The foot forms to the sole and it is supported at all times.

    Could be worn barefoot.

    Try them your child will be pleased and run in comfort entire season.

    Child needs only 2 pairs of good shoes per entire 6 months of wear.

    Skip on shoes from China, they destroy kids feet.

    We see that in our stores all the time and we repeat that to every parent.

    European made shoes, those made in Europe are truly supportive ones.

    High arches good sneakers for girls

    Gold sneakers for girls with arches


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    Janet - Calabasas 2015-06-02 06:05:42

    Beautiful and durable shoes and worth the price - "ten times over". My daughter wears those shoes non stop since we got them back in March and they look as good as new. They have been on the bike, Disney World, worn daily - everyday - and for all the torture they look as good as new? This was my first buy of Bopy shoes and I just bought a sandal from that brand as well since if they hold up so well - why not. Quality is worth paying for. Love those shoes and quality and I will buy another pair in a month or so for Fall.

    Miriam from OakBrook 2015-02-05 00:12:51

    Just bought them in Hinsdale for our Spring trip to Florida. Those sneakers are cute and well made. Zipper on the side so that makes them easy on and off style. Beautiful gold with white style with zebra print. Good support as well. To top that off they are made in France with original tags and all. Impossible to find such quality in any local store even in Oak Brook. This is the only store with true quality and those shoes in fact European made, I have been a client for 7 years now and I buy all the shoes for kids there. They cost money but my kids do not have any pigeon toes or collapsed ankles something I can't say for my friends kids who are plainly too cheap to buy a kid decent shoe. I always wonder that since Hinsdale, OakBrook area is set with well off people but shoes is something they do not care about. Strange.