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Flat foot best school shoes for girls
Perfect school or everyday shoe for any girl.
Made out of navy patent leather with proper arches and heel support.
Great leather on them used with arches added to the sole of the model.
No flat shoes are ever produced in Europe.
They have to be supportive and well made according to orthopedic standards.
Footwear is regulated for kids in Europe.
No shoes from China are allowed for sale.
Only local shoes made out of local leather with ortho support set by Ministry of Health.
Shoes for kids are viewed as medical need not a fashion statement.
Children need good shoes to be worn at all times.
If you buy local shoes sold in USA that are made in China then your child will end up with deformed feet.
It is just guaranteed since China has no clue how shoes should be made for a child.
Pronation, flat feet, pigeon toes, pronated ankles are a result of junk shoes.

Girls school shoes with good arch and best fit

Made out of navy patent leather for school


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