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Flat foot sandals for kids
Orthopedic girls sandals with good arch
Fantastic quality girls/women's sandals.
Made out of fuchsia polished leather.
Easy buckle close.
Arches present in the soles of the model.
Modern technology from 1990
Soles and sandal comes from France not China.
Will not sweat in those lovely sandals ever.

Orthopedic girls sandals with good arch

Pink patent leather sandals


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Justyna 2014-03-26 12:37:47

Beautiful sandal for a teen girl! Wonderful! Easy on and off and they look amazing on my daughter's feet. The sandals are made in France and you can easily tell that by how they are made (plus they are stickers inside and tags are on them as well). True quality, French made product. Yes, they run small so I ordered size up and they fit so well. I love that store and I got all the shoes from them since my daughter was a baby. As a result her feet are nicely formed and she does not pigeon toes like other girls that I see in her class. I was raised on quality shoes myself back in Europe so of course for my child I wanted best shoes possible. Justyna C. from NJ