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Foot form girls shoes

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Manufacturer Kopecki

Product Code: Michalina Gray

  • SKU: 12-452
  • Foot form girls shoes
    Casual style shoes for girls with foot forming benefits for girls.
    Europe only produces orthopedic shoes since they form kids feet
    If they wearing low quality shoes their feet will indicate orthopedic problems.
    Flat feet, ankle pronation, pigeon toes, weak ankles all cause of cheap shoes.
    That is why in Europe local kids never wear any cheap shoes since they would destroy their feet.
    Every parent knows that and our pediatricians and foot specialists will confirm that.
    We view shoes as developmental need for a child - not a fashion.
    Shoes are equally expensive in Europe but we used to that since orthodics and doctors visits will cost you more in a long run.
    Also, once feet gets destroyed improvement can be only made since feet will never restore to healthy condition.
    Made out of combination of gray blue and silver smooth leather.

    Smooth leather gray shoes for kids

    Good arch shoes for kids


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