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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Koreon Red

Ankle high leather boys sandals with arches

Foot pronation kids sandals with high support
Best arch support for kids with flat feet and weak ankles.
Proper ankle support for a toddler starting to walk.
Great ankle support for a toddler with reinforced ankle support.
Heel is supported and interior is padded for total comfort.
Orthopedic arch, heel support - as it should be in any shoes for any child.

Pronation best kids sandals - yes, they will align their feet into correct position
Ankle support is there, arch support is there, measured profiled soles are there.
Closed toe model for a new walker.
Made in Serbia out of the best natural red leather.
Ortopedic best kids closed toe style sandals
Wide feet to medium feet for kids
Lovely brown style for child.
Feet will never sweat in them as they have antibacterial innersoles in them
No smelly feet, no discomfort, no blisters ever.
Those sandals are finished to perfection for a child - as they should be.
Stay away from cheap shoes that USA is full of.
They all made in China out of cheap leather and destroy and deform kids feet and posture.
No plastic shoes either, no Keens, no Crocks - worst shoes on the planet literally!
We absolutely hate them and hate the fact how many millions of American kids feet were destroyed due to those cheap rubber shoes!
You have to be smart as a parent and invest in good shoes for your child.
Only 2 pairs a season are needed.

Flat foot support orthopedic shoes for kids

Weak ankles pronation best toddler shoes


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