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Shoes for children that do not smell

Shoes for kids that do not smell
Absolutely they will never smell due to special innersoles.
They filtrate baby feet and keep them moisture free and do not smell.
Kids feet sweat and smell more then adults so such soles are needed.
All European made footwear have them antibacterial, no smell innersoles. 
We do not have smell footwear there in Europe.
This is technology since 1970, nothing new really.
Footwear in Europe are locally made out best quality leathers.
Top orthopedic best with proper support.
They form and shape kids feet, posture body feet position when walking.
It is very important that child wears best shoes at all times.
They need good arch ankle support and good leather.
We Europeans do not think of footwear for kids as fashion
We think proper support, orthopedic arch and best heel support.
Foot forming best shoes -  that is what they are. 
Beige with gold best casual ankle footwear with great support.
Falling ankles best high top footwear for baby.
Reinforced ankle support that will keep feet aligned at all times as they should be.
Orthopedic arches are molded into the soles like all the genuine European shoes are.
Sole provides best orthopedic support and arch is contoured to the foot.
No modern technology in Europe adds bumps into the interior of the shoes.
Leather is a soft piliable material so over time goes flat - so the arch inside went flat as well.
That problem was solves in 1990 when Italians first started molding arches into the soles.
Rubber sole as a material never goes flat - so feet will be supported at all times and develop correctly.
New walking shoes for a baby taking first steps - yes those are perfect shoes for a toddler.
Made in France with best leather.
Corrective baby walking high top footwear.

You can avoid many orthopedic problems with good footwear for a toddler.
Waterproof so perfect to wear in a cold rainy weather if child runs into puddles.
Try them they lovely shoes - neutral beige that matches just about anything.
Perfect to wear as daily shoe with any outfit.

New walking shoes for a baby taking fist steps

Corrective baby walking high top walkers


Melisa - Garland, TX  -  13/02/2021

Those are good shoes - my daughter been wearing them daily and they are her favorites shoes...her ankles do not fall inwards anymore since structure in the is truly great. I switched from Strite Rite shoes and it is like night and day. European shoes are the best - those are genuine French shoes. I will be buying sandals soon and it will be that brand again. Star of for the price - but I can see they are worth it.

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