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Girls fashion orthopedic snow boots for a toddler
Adorable and very light snow boots for your baby girl.
European ankle support boots
Absolute ortho boots for a child with actual support.
No flat boots is ever produced in Europe.
Either quality orthopedic boots or none.
European Ministry of Health prohibits importing cheap boots for any child in Europe.
Boots affect child foot development, posture and body gait.
If child is pigeon toed, pronated or walks with ankles turning inwards then those issues are caused by wearing none supportive shoes.
Shoes form and shape kids feet and they can either deform or correctly shape children feet.
We in Europe do that with proper shoes as those since good shoes will support toddlers foot and cheap one will destroy it.
Those snow boots are super - no exception.
Proper foot support and they are absolute best for kids.

European ankle support boots

Boots that keep feet dry and protected waterproof


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Justine - Manhattan, NY 2013-12-13 21:51:46

Looks heavy and bulky but they are like feather! My child wore them non stop in deep snow we have in NY and all the sidewalk that are cold, filthy and draining with dirt and water. Those boots tested so well that I was amazed that was even possible. I had many Primigi boots in a past and this brand is like from higher shelf and quality. Fantastic product - highly recommend them to other moms.

Gina D - Ohio,US 2013-08-26 21:15:15

Soft and well made style. Color and quality supreme to say the least. Got them already for winter before they sell out. Thanks, Gina