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Girls quality sandals from France
Adorable, well made with proper orthopedic support for walking.
Best for narrow feet to regural width.
Ankle high  with closed reinforced heel for walking.
Arch support present and none sweat soles
Padded back, sides, and straps in those so no blisters or discomfort.
Orthopedic best proper sandals designed to form and support kids feet correctly.
Orthopedic heel supportive best walking sandals for kids. 
Made out of silver metallic leather and decorated with leave print.
Lovely style - truly delicate and original.
Closed heel for proper ankle support.
None sweat soles inside
Ortho arch present
Great everyday or dress style.

High arch orthopedic heel supportive

Silver toddler sandals with good arch for walking


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Rhonda M from MN 2019-05-10 00:15:53

Excellent arch support and leather. My daughter wears them constantly and they look and hold up great so far. No blisters no smelly feet! From now on I will only buy European made shoes! I am done with cheap Chinese shoes - I see a clear difference in quality.