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Good price ortho sneakers for kids

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Sarin Yellow

  • SKU: 1505.3
  • Good price sneakers for kids
    Orthopedic best with support and made in Serbia
    Supportive heel, ankle support with profiled soles.
    Great yellow color and perfect combination of leather and canvas.
    Child can wear them in a Summer with no socks.
    Orthopedic arch added to the soles of the model since no flat shoes is ever produced in Europe.
    Hard soled running shoes for tiptoe walkers.
    Yes, they are sturdy in the back and heel does not bend preventive for tip toe walkers.
    Quality sneakers for a girl with heel support in lovely yellow leather
    Unisex style - perfect for boys and girls.
    Could be worn with no socks in the Summer as they feature none sweat soles.
    High arch sneakers for kids that will form kids feet correctly.

    Ortho best sneakers for a child that would restore any orthopedic problems child might have.

    Best sneakers for a child manufactured according to European standards.
    None sweat soles present like in all European shoes.
    Kids feet will never smell in them or be uncomfortable.

    Hard soled running shoes for tiptoe walkers

    Quality sneakers for a girl with heel support


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