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Sale sandals for baby with ortho suport

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Clearance

  • SKU: 55-205
  • Good shoes or sandals for child on sale
    Foot pronation
    kids shoes with high arches
    Ankle high, orthopedic best for ankle alignment.
    Closed toe
    but heel supportive for pronation
    Will not bent in the back as they support ankles well.
    Cute casual daily style for a new walker.
    Anti smell soles inside for a young walkers since babies feet perspire more then adults.
    Neutral beige and brown color best for a baby boy.
    Soft well processed leather with no mercury. (all leather from China has tracers of lead or mercury in it)
    European leather has none since it is against the law to use harmful chemicals in leather colorants.
    Orthopedic best for a toddler learning to walk and stand and take first steps.
    Manufactured in Europe out of quality ecological leather.
    Proper shoes for a toddler recommended by every pediatrician in Europe
    Orthopedic best as they designed to form and support kids forming and developing feet.

    Beige soft leather with support

    Flexible beige rubber sole sandals


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