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Good walking sandals for kids flat feet
Heel support walking sandals for boys
Gray/black nubuck leather with black accent.
Proper ankle support summer sandals for a boy.
Closed heel support for pronation and weak ankles.
Orthopedic arches present and none smell soles and lovely comfy design.
Padded back for comfort and proper ankle support for kids with pronation.
Child feet will never smell in those sandals due to anti sweat soles present.
They truly best for ultra hot weather
They provide optimal support for child's feet and posture.
Orthopedic best with proper ankle and foot support for children.
Only supportive orthopedic shoes come from Europe since they are measured and cut there properly.
Measurements are taken from children's feet and soles are orthopedic and  locally measured in Europe.

Heel support walking sandals for boys

Sandals for kids flat feet good for walking


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Borys, Ft. Lauderdale 2016-04-07 01:27:44

Those sandals are made in can easily tell they are quality and they have original factory address on the box. I wanted shoe that comes from Europe for my son since in USA they say made in Europe and I look inside and made in China??? Since when China is part of Europe? China is known from producing junk and shoes included so when I am paying top money I want original shoe from Europe. Naturino, Primigi sold in US are made in China now so we stopped buying them all together. Love the quality, support and fit of that sandal plus that it is made in Europe. 100 stars....