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Gray leather snow boots for girls

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Manufacturer Kopecki

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  • SKU: 02-1245
  • Gray leather snow boots for girls
    Perfect boot for a winter, not just for snow but entire seasonal wear.
    Healthy, orthopedic ankle boots for a toddler with actual support inside.
    Not heavy, not clunky best toddler snow boots that you can buy.
    Gray leather decorated with cute silver flowers.
    Close with a side zipper for an easy fit.
    Waterproof and best for a child.
    Orthopedic arches present inside and they are added to the sole of the model.
    Basically sole is molded and arch support is added there.
    This is a technology from 1990 that is used on all European made shoes.
    Wool lined inside for warmth and waterproof effect.
    Child will never get cold in those boots, or sweat in them either.
    Wool is a natural breathable material so it is perfect for winter.
    They also have additional membrane that keeps the water out
    Will never leak any water or snow.
    Very good and soft walking soles for kids.
    Soft, light with profiled soled perfect winter boot for a toddler.

    Healthy feet leather boots for kids.

    Good arch snow boots for kids


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