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Gray leather girls shoes with support
shoes for girls with high arches
Special shoes for kids from Europe
Gray ecological leather and decorated with flower.
Heel support present since children do need that for proper heel support.
All European made shoes have that since kids shoes cannot be soft in the back.
They need ankle support for proper alignment.
All European shoes have orthopedic arches present since no flat shoes are ever produced.
Those type of shoes form kids feet and posture.
That is why in Europe kids never wear cheap shoes from China.
All shoes are leather with proper ortho support and ankle support.
They are also locally made by European factories.
The reason for that is shoes for kids are viewed as developmental need.
They form kids feet and with that posture, knees, body is affected
Therefore best shoes are only allowed by European Ministry of Health.
Kids in European countries wear such shoes and end up with well formed feet.
There is no pigeon toed, pronated kids walking around like in USA.
USA has business of selling orthodics for parents who do not understand that they would not restore kids feet with orthodics.
Good shoes with proper support form kids feet - not orthodics.
Cheap shoes sold locally will destroy your child's feet - if they already did.
Every brand sold in USA is made in China for children.
Sorry, but what do they know in China about quality shoes? More or less orthopedic ones?
Just think about it.

Special shoes for kids from Europe

Superior quality shoes perfect for all year round wear


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Mark from Los Angeles 2014-07-13 21:45:05

Top quality, orthopedic shoes for a child. Nothing of such quality could be found in any local store here in LA. All the kids shoes are made in China in USA and have zero support inside. I never seen such low quality in Germany (born in Europe) since all the shoes for kids are supportive and top quality. No one knows in USA and even cares that child simply cannot have cheap shoes on their feet as they grew up with various deformities. I see kids in a local park with pigeon toes all the long and they all wearing those plastic shoes - crocs of something they are called. Sorry but how is that supportive? Since when rubber shoes are good for developing and growing feet? I am a single father and cannot imagine my child walking like that and that is why I am buying shoes from that site for many years now. Try that store and product they sell you will not be disappointed.

Rina Yanowskaya 2014-03-12 14:35:43

Great arch support in those as expected. Leather is soft and well made plus they fit so well narrower feet. Also, gray is such a hot color for any season so we got them for Spring season. Beautiful shoes and recommend them to other moms searching for quality shoes for her child.

Raymond D from MA 2012-08-11 00:06:32

Lovely, well made shoes! My daughter will enjoy them entire Fall. They are supportive inside as expected. Pricey but totally worth the money since quality shoes for a child is a must.