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Hard bottom purple shoes for walking kids

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Kolka Purple

  • SKU: 66-5885
  • Hard bottom shoes for walking kids.
    Great purple shoes for a child with high arches
    Perfect for daily wear with good ortho support.
    Ankle is supported so they will keep heel in straight position.
    Shoes from China offer no ankle support so whole foot is not supported when walking.
    That feature alone develops pronation in kids.
    Feet start turning inwards as well since no heel support is present in cheap shoes.
    Those shoes are complete opposite.
    Arches, support none sweat soles.
    Absolute best like child should wear up to teen years since their feet are forming and shaping.
    We Europeans never buy cheap shoes with zero support.
    We always spent money on good shoes for children and they end up with well formed feet.
    European shoes are regulated by European Ministry of Health so they cannot be produced cheaply with no support.
    No shoes are allowed to be imported from China either since they would destroy kids feet over time and whole health care system will cost more in Europe.
    Medicine in Europe is not for profit so overall national good is for everyone's benefit.
    It has been proven even before the World War II that good leather shoes are important for ones body and foot development.
    After the war improvements were made in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France
    Then after the fall of Communism in Europe private companies took it over the production and move the shoe industry to another level.
    Orthopedic soles are made instead of build up of arch inside of the shoe.
    That is an old method - now orthopedic soles are in the soles of the shoes
    Lining is just for comfort of a child.

    Arch support best walking shoes for girls

    Purple leather shoes for girls with good arches


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    Sara 2015-08-14 07:20:03

    This is one adorable shoe for a child. Leather on them is soft, cut is great and they are light and flexible. Support inside is great. My God I always wonder why in Europe people stayed up to their roots and still produce quality locally and have jobs as a result of that. We go in opposite direction in USA - corporate crap, cheaply made in China and we as a customers are getting pure junk in exchange. That is why I only buy USA made products and European made because at least I am getting quality and someone is getting paid a real wages for the product.

    J.L 2014-05-01 15:29:37

    Great color and fit in them is super for rather regural width feet. Love the color!