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High ankle shoes for boys with arches

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  • High ankle shoes for boys with arches
    Yes, even snow boots are high ankle in Europe and orthopedic.
    Best support for small growing feet that you can buy.
    European manufacturers will never produce any shoes that is not foot forming and best for a child.
    Footwear is regulated for kids in Europe.
    Orthopedic shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals or not allowed for sale.
    As a result kids feet in Europe are not deformed and not pronated.
    It is all shoe related - folks.
    If child wears low quality flimsy shoes then their feet will deform and orthopedic problems arise.
    That is why we never, ever buy low quality shoes made in China.
    They destroy and deform kids feet over time.
    Those snow boots are European made and like any other European brand are orthopedic and the best quality.
    Lined with wool and gortex so they never leak water.
    They are light in weight so toddler would walk very well in them.
    Good orthopedic soles inside
    Soft rubber bottoms with traction so toddler will  not slip in them ever.
    Child only needs two pairs of good shoes per season.
    When kept in quality shoes from baby to teen they will never develop any orthopedic problems.
    That is what parents do in Europe and we never have any feet problems.

    Blue snow boots for a baby with support

    European made unisex boots.


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