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High instep toddler shoes
Navy leather toddler dressy mary janes with high arches and high instep foot.
Best for wide chubby toddler girls feet with high instep
Pudgy double wide
high instep kids footwear that will fit well chubby toddler.
Ankle high best toddler footwear for walking with high instep.
Navy patent leather and decorated with silver/red flower for toddler.
Stop smelly feet
for toddler with those mary janes - for sure - will not sweat.
Inside leather orthopedic arch with antibacterial innersoles for comfort walking and dry feet.
Arches present like inflated pillows for high instep best.
Matching ergonomic soles for kids.
Superior quality, very soft shoe that could be worn entire season with ease.
European made orthopedic best for toddler with feet problems plus those who starting to walk and want to have well formed feet and posture.

Navy high arch orthopedic baby mary janes

Good arch weak ankles baby footwear


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Steven 2014-05-18 13:27:35

Great shoes - my kid wore them entire Fall and Winter and they did not even scuffed a bit. Amazing quality - arch support is best that I have ever seen in any shoes locally.

Larisa - Sacramento,CA 2013-02-28 00:32:53

Thank you for such wonderful shoes! My God they are lovely! Best arch support in any shoes that I was able to buy online. Never owned that brand before but they are the best constructed shoes, with best arch support possible. Leather on them is well processed plus the sole is very flexible. They fit my baby so well...thank you! You will see many orders from me in the future. Thank you!!!!!!!!!