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High top baby walking sandals with arches
European quality baby girl sandals with great heel support.
Lovely silver leather decorated with heart print.
Ankle support best with good arches.
Anti smell soles inside since kids feet sweat more then adults.
Foot forming best high top walkers.
Imported from France.
Kids sandals as those form baby's feet so it is important that child has good shoes on its feet at all times.
Sandals like those correctly form kids feet - cheap one from China destroy them so avoid cheap shoes at all times.
More damage to toddler feet is done with garbage shoes then you can even image.
Check out our blog (bottom of the site)- we shown everything in detail with pictures.

Made out of the best natural leather red sandals

European quality baby boy or girl sandals


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Gina 2018-03-08 01:40:26

Beautiful sandal and perfect fit. Had same brand sandals in the past the they wore beautiful, always top quality and always made well. This little sandal no exception. Got them for Summer already before they sell out in my daughters size.