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High top blue leather orthopedic snow boots for a baby

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High top orthopedic snow boots for a baby
Best snow boots with wool inside for kids
Navy/blue/gray lamb leather with red accent.
High top orthopedic snow boots for a baby.
Close with a side triple velcro.
The boots are lined with gortex and wool so that makes them waterproof and best for winter.
Good arches, ortho support best snow boots for a toddler.
Even snow boots in Europe are orthopedic and best since they form kids feet.
No cheap shoes are allowed for sale in Europe for children.
Reason is they form and support kids feet so they have to be the best.
Ankle support, good arch, and light in weight of course.
Try them last pairs on sale, you be blown away how good they are.

Best snow boots with wool inside for kids

High top orthopedic snow boots for a baby


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Boris - Ontario Canada 2013-11-01 14:02:18

That wool inside is amazing - boy they are nice. UGG's are like shiet shoes compare to those. They are waterproof as well since we tested them in a snow already here in Canada. Light, flexible, premium leather on them and natural sheep wool inside - this is ABC for a quality European made shoe. Hard to come by such quality, even in Canada. It was my first order and the boots came quickly with no custom tax - will be ordering regurally.

J.C - Denver, CO 2013-09-05 00:17:40

I taught that those boots be a bit chunky for a small child to wear but they are NOT! Soft, light and very flexible. Natural wool inside too. Nicest quality boots that I ever was able to buy for my son. I absolutely love them! It was my first order and it will not be the last for sure.

P.J. - Befast, UK 2012-11-19 23:49:51

Soft, supportive, waterproof with wonderful wool inside. Superior quality boots for my baby. He will not be cold in those wonderful boots. Thanks for super fast shipping to UK.