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High top sneakers for brown girls with high arch

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Gafa Rose

  • SKU: 66-558585
  • High top sneakers for girls with high arch
    Ankle support best baby walking ankle shoes or sneakers
    Rose smooth color leather sneakers for a girl with good support.
    Weak ankles and foot pronation in kids.
    Adorable featuring a rainbow and giraffe.
    Closes with side velcros.
    Made in Spain out of best quality leather with attention to learning to walk and good ankle stability.
    Great high tops for kids with actual support for walking.
    Type of a high top that ever child should wear for proper foot formation.
    Shoes made in China are not supportive in any way and they deform kids feet over time.
    That is why it is important that child wears only quality shoes at all times.
    Their feet are formed by the shoes they wear.
    Every foot doctor and pediatrician will tell you that in Europe.
    We in Europe do not have business of orthodics and doctors appointments like in USA.
    First destroy kids feet with cheap shoes and then run to the doctor for orthodics.
    Issue is that orthodics never restore kids feet.
    They only can make some improvement but never reset kids feet to healthy state.
    It is all about the shoes - quality well made shoes.

    Ankle support best baby walking boot

    Toddler high top walking shoes


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