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High top walking boots for baby
Fashionable baby leather sneakers or boots
Orthopedia best ankle supportive walkers for children.
They feature best support for a child for weak pronated ankles.
They will correctly form and support little feet as they should.
Made in France out of cool gray leather.
Child will never sweat in those shoes super shoes as they remove the sweat from kids feet.
This is a perfect example of shoe that every child should wear
They support their feet and promote healthy foot growth and development.
Low quality shoes destroy kids feet so avoid them at all cost.
You can prevent all orthopedic problems in children with proper orthopedic shoes.

Totally waterproof leather boot

Green leather high top boots for baby


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MaryAnn - Franklin Lakes 2018-03-09 21:44:42

Wonderful quality shoes for a child. My son wore them since September to March and boy they took so much abuse but held up fantastic. They are also easy to clean and have proper suport with huge arch inside. Total quality boot for a child. You cannot even dream of finding such shoes in NJ all the stores even boutiques have cheap, chinese made shoes for children with no support. I am Italian myslef and quality shoes from young age is a must! We do spent money on the shoes people and as a result we do not have deformed feet. Here in USA is backwards - crocks, keens, stride rite, nike and other non-orthopedic garbage. I recommend those shoes and this store in general since those people sell only quality shoes, and no garbage from China.

Stacy N from DC 2017-02-17 21:06:14

Those have been son wore them entire winter and they look like new. I cleaned them few times with a brush, soap under a sink and they held up fantastic! The arch support in those shoes is clearly visible. My son never had wet or smelly feet in those boots. I will buy this brand again....