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House shoes for learning to stand and walk

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  • House shoes for learning to stand and walk.
    Ortho best for flat feet toddler girls.
    Pink canvas material featuring colorful flowers.
    Easy open and close with side clip.
    Profiled soles with air ventilation rubber sole.
    No smelly feet in those slippers
    Kids wear them non stop in a school, daycare or home.
    Those are ankle supportive best and next best thing to leather high tops shoes children should wear.
    Those are little slippers so they comfy and best for the indoor wear.
    Generations of children grew up on those slippers and they end up with perfect feet as adults.
    Only Europe produces orthopedic footwear for children.

    Orthopedic house shoes for toddler with flat feet

    Slippers recommended by every pediatrician in Europe


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    R.N - Phoenix, AZ 2013-04-18 16:16:29

    Just perfect for wide, chubby feet! I love the construction of this little slipper or canvas shoes for that matter. Sleek design and very useful for a child. I love the arch support inside - quality all the way. Something we are lacking here in USA. However, Europeans got it right - those little shoes are amazing quality.

    Jenna D from KS 2012-07-11 18:31:22

    I love those little shoes on my child. They have orthopedic arch inside them. Normally you have to buy European leather shoes to see any arch support. They are soft, breathable, flexible and they adjust to my child's foot. Her feet are never wet, smelly or uncomfortable. She wears them in the house or outside in the summer. Wonderful support for little feet. I will buy them again in a Fall for sure.

    Alexis M. from Nebraska 2012-03-12 02:31:30

    I never write any reviews....but I just got them today and I am truly impressed with those little slippers. I placed them on my baby and she instantly liked them. She normally don' like any shoes on and takes them off but not those...She wore them entire day without any complains. Amazing. Those little shoes are soft, have great arch and they are well made. It was a great buy. I will be back for another pair as soon as she outgrows them.