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House slippers for girls with high arches

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  • House slippers for kids with high arches
    Imported from France with proper orthopedic arches and ankle support.
    Slippers for that caliber are designed to support little feet to the fullest.
    Good leather arch supported with additional support in the sole (all orthopedic shoes and slippers have support in the rubber soles since 1990)
    Lining inside is just for comfort of the child arches are added to the soles of the model.
    They are made out of pink wool and decorated with penguins.
    Close with side velcros for easy on and off.
    Perfect for the house, daycare for entire winter wear.
    We love them and been ordering them from France for 15 years now.
    They wear very well and they are durable beyond any slippers you child ever had.
    In Europe even house shoes are orthopedic.
    We never, ever put garbage shoes or slippers on our children as they form and support their feet.
    Every European pediatrician and foot doctor will confirm that.
    We do not have business of orthodics and medical visits, phizical therapy like in USA.
    Medicine is not for profit like in USA so if shoes for kids feet and provide best support to growing forming feet.
    Should they be best quality possible?
    Yes, they should be since they form your kids feet
    We do not think in terms of money in Europe for shoes in general.
    Shoes for kids are viewed as medical need so they have to be absolute best.
    They wear them entire season 5-6 months and every child needs them so their feet develop correctly.
    Don't listen to local USA pediatricians that tell you shoes for a child does not matter...
    It is a total bull...and they have no clue what they talking about.
    Shoes and slippers align kids feet, posture, provide optimal support and they form kids feet.
    They prevent any orthopedic problems that are caused by wearing cheap shoes as a child.
    They correct pigeon toes, ankle pronation, ankles turning in, posture problems.
    It is all about the quality shoes child wear - not a fashion statement in any way.
    Good slippers or shoes cost money and they cost money to make.
    It is wort it...since they are developmental need, for every child.

    Good orthopedic slippers for toddlers

    Wool slippers for kids and none sweat soles


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    Natasha D. 2019-12-06 15:22:04

    Great slippers, been buying them every year for my daughter. Orthopedic at its best.