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Indoor shoes for baby with high arches
Boiled wool house shoes for baby girls with best support and good arches.
Heel supportive wool slippers for kids best to wear in a winter with arches.
Baby house shoes with high arches best indoor shoes
Made in France.
Indoor shoes for baby with good high arches and high instep.
Heel supportive wool slippers for kids preventive for ankle pronation.
Reinforced heel supports feet and pronation preventive.
Orthopedic best house shoes that you can buy for a child.
Every European house shoe or leather shoe has arches in the soles present.
Arches, arches, arches, arches, arches - always present in any European made shoes.
No such thing as flat house shoes for kids, orthopedic with arches or nothing.
Made out of pink velvet and warm wool.
Decorated with a silver stars and sparkles.
Please Note: soles on them run small so order size up.

Boiled wool house slippers baby girls

Easy slip on style that closes with side zipper


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