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Indoor house shoes for a baby that is pigeon toed
Kids first house shoes learning to walk and stand with good support
Ankle supportive ortho canvas for a toddler with pigeon toes.
Those canvas high tops are great addition to leather high tops.
Child can wear them at home and have his feet supported at all times.
Notice the sole - heel is higher in the back and heel packet is added to the back
The back does not bend so the heel is stable at all times.
High tops to correct pigeon toes - leather shoes and those slippers - they will do the job.
Child will wear them at home or daycare at all times.
Those slippers were developed by orthopedic doctor in Europe over 30 years ago.
Millions of kids in Europe wear them still today as they the best ortho house shoes that you can buy.

Kids first house shoes learning to walk

Good arch house shoes for a child


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