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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Jeep Brown

Boys slippers for In toe foot problems

In toe house shoes for a toddler boy
Pronation preventive kids slippers.
Those slippers are ankle supportive at best
Notice the sole - have supportive heel in the back that keeps the feet sturdy, stiff and protected
There is a heel packet present, because of that packet child will pronate less and over time ankles will straighten.

It is like canvas version of a high top
Soft soles, arches present in the soles
That side clip is even better then laces or any other closing device
You can regulate the ankle width with that clip and at the same time keep the feet stable.
Slippers will be fitted properly around the ankles so the foot will be less resistant to pronation.
This slippers is suggested as an addition to good ankle high top.

Pronation preventive kids slippers.

Flexible brown slippers for kids


Renata S. from Canada - 01/05/2020

Great slippers with super support. I could not find such pre-walkers locally in Canada. You can easily adjust the width with those little shoes and they stabilize little feet perfectly. Excellent slippers.

Marty G. from California - 02/03/2020

Nice little shoes, well made with good support. My baby truly likes them. Will buy another pair again.

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