Intoeing shoes for baby boy that correct toddlers feet Spain

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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Dino Beige

Intoeing shoes for baby boy that correct toddlers feet. 
Best corrective ankle sandals for a toddler with actual support.
Reinforced ankle with special sole that overlapses the heel keeping it in a packet.
The soles are soft for a baby yet orthopedic.
The sandals are beige red, gray in color and they feature a dino.

Biomechanical sole with best heel and ankle support.
Made in Spain for a baby boy that needs supportive shoes.
Super cute well made sandals for a child.
Unique special edition style featuring a character.
Flexible walking toddler sole
Absolute best shoe for a small baby that you can buy

Go up a size on them as they run small.

Made in Spain for a baby boy that needs supportive shoes

Sporty style for a child with best support


Dushan - Miami Fl  -  16/02/2020

This is one phenomenal sandal...easy on and off velcro closure. My son took in them in instant. Thank you for recommending them to us, you have been a great help with measuring the soles and all. They fitted out of the box. It was easy process for us and we will shop again. We live in Florida and finding quality shoe for a child in local store is impossible since they all chinese made and total crap. We wanted supportive shoes like we had them in Europe when me and my wife were children. American population does know nothing about shoes for kids and how important they are since their feet, posture and body is developing. They buy cheap shoes with no support or even better made out of plastic (Crocks what are they called that garbage) and expect kid to have normal walk and good feet. It is not going to happen people...

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