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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Pesto Silver

Tags:  Closed Toe Sandals for Children

Italian baby walking shoes

Italian baby walking shoes
Italian brand but they are made in Serbia since factory was moved there.
European made and 100% orthopedic for a toddler.
Designed to correctly form and support little growing and forming feet.
Lovely silver, pink and gold with proper orthopedic support
Ankle high with good arches and none sweat soles.
Perfect cross between a sandal and shoe - matches just about anything.
Proper orthopedic shoes that every baby should wear.
Those shoes are designed to form, support and stabilize ankles and posture.
Good orthopedic arches, none sweat soles and proper reinforced heel.
Soft soles with good ankle support.
Fully adjustable style with top velcro.
Easy on and of style.
Excellent orthopedic arch support.
Leather inside and out.
Breathable leather innersoles that will assure dry feet.
Flexible off white rubber sole.
Those little shoes are our best sellers and we order different colors of them every year.
We sell them like hot cakes - literally.
We had almost every color of that little shoe on the planet and we keep offering them for 12 years now.
Every mom likes them as they wear fantastic and look great with any outfit
Plus they are supportive and best for growing and forming feet.

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