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Italian pink high arch toddler girls shoes on sale

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Brands Peperine

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  • Italian girls shoes on sale
    Pink leather, lovely decorated with flowers.
    Best shoes that you can buy for a child
    All the shoes manufactured in Europe are orthopedic with good support
    Quality that every child needs for best foot development.
    They are high in the back covering entire ankle, good arches.
    They could be worn with no socks and feet will never smell in them.
    Made in Italy by Peperine brand which is a designer brand that makes absolute best kids shoes.
    Shoes affect kids feet greatly so we Europeans never put low quality shoes on any child
    They form and support kids feet and cheap shoes with zero support deform them.
    We explained that in our blog below.

    Pink leather shoes for girls wih arches

    Ankle support best toddler shoes from Italy


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    Stephanie from Memphis 2015-03-06 01:31:02

    I bought couple of shoes from you and they made a huge difference in my child's walking. She walks better and her foot gradually stopped going inwards. I went to the doctor many times and he told me she will outgrow it - it never happened. It got worst and worst. Finally, I found your site and read all the info about the shoes. I had no clue that quality shoes are such important for children to wear. No pediatrician mentions that to any mother in USA, since none of my friends who have children have any idea. So, I purchased few pairs in 2009 and I kept her in quality shoes only that I got from you. They made a huge difference over time - she walk better immediately but her foot took a while to line up straight. Now, you can hardly notice anymore. Those shoes work 100%! Also the high price is not shocking to me anymore weighting a benefit to a child's feet. I honestly believe that Europeans know what they are producing and that is why they have such well formed feet.

    Akram D. - Turkey 2012-04-15 14:32:29

    Those are great and fit my daughter well. Great quality as expected. I do appreciate efficient and fast shipping to Turkey. I am so grateful you ship overseas since many stores don't. It is so difficult to buy such fantastic shoes in Turkey so your store will be a source for quality shoes. I truly appreaciate, Akram D. from Istambul