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High arches gold Italian shoes for girls

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Brands Pink Apple

Product Code: Clearance

Italian gold girls shoes with arches
Casual or dressy great shoes for a toddler girl.
Orthopedic best for your child.
Made by Italian brand Pink Apple out of best quality.
Weak ankle muscles for kids with high arches.
Gold metallic leather decorated with hand stitched flowers.
Original European shoes with unique flower sole
Made in Italy out of best leather with best support possible.
Shoes are very important for kids as they form and shape their feet.
Posture, feet, gait are affected by shoes child wears.
All orthopedic problems child might have are caused by wearing none supportive shoes.
Shoes provided necessary support for their feet and posture.

Great arch support shoes for girls

Weak ankle muscles for kids with high arches.


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Portia - Denver, CO 2012-08-28 22:44:27

Love them! Wonderful shoes for a child. It is so hard to find truly 100% Italian shoes in USA. Those truly are and they are beautiful. Expensive but in Italy kids shoes not even that decorative sell for 90-140 Euro per pair. I just came from Europe and the prices on shoes, clothes and pretty much anything are high for us Americans. I am very pleased with those!