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Italian white leather baby sandals
Orthopedic high top baby Italian leather baby sandals.
Made by Italian brand Birikini in Italy - not China.
Made out of white leather and decorated with flowers.
Great leather used on them without use of mercury for coloration.
Did you know that leather from China has always mercury traces on every leather they produce.
They add mercury to the pain to dye it faster.
In Europe leather is processed by separate companies who deal only with leathers and then sell them to show manufacturers.
Natural dyes are used on all children and baby leather.
Ankle high with ortho support best with arches.
Anti sweat soles since baby feet sweat more then adults.
Those kind of Italian leather sandals every toddler wears in Europe and they end up with well formed feet and posture.
Proper heel support that every child does need for optimal support.
Best new walkers for baby with good ankle and heel support.
Best leather used from Italy and made in Italy not China.
Type of a sandal that should be worn by every child as they form and shape baby feet and posture.
Adorable well made orthopedic Italian leather baby sandals for a child with proper ankle and foot support.

Orthopedic high top baby sandals for a toddler

Heel support for a child with good arch


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Linda D. New York 2012-04-21 13:24:07

This is a well made basic white sandal. Excellent arch, support and leather used on that model. Flexible and 100% Italian made. They fit great with some room left for growth. I love this store! I bought any shoes from them over the years and they all have been great. They are truly European made shoes as they should be for the price they charge. Linda D. from Staten Island, NY