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Kids arch support sneakers in silver leather

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Daria Silver

  • SKU: 0012014904 04 1Q23
  • Silver sneakers for girls with proper arch support
    Orthopedic for kids and made in Serbia by Naturino.
    Ankle high, reinforced ankle support, good arches
    Antibacterial innersoles for kids with flexible soles.
    Ankle best for weak pronated ankles.
    Wear only quality shoes and sneakers if you want to see improvement and over time restore kids feet.
    Arches heel support and none sweat soles present for kids.
    Every sneaker that is manufactured in Europe is orthopedic since no other shoes are ever produced.
    We Europeans view shoes as developmental need for a child not a fashion statement.
    Shoes are designed to form and support kids feet so they will not experience any feet or posture problems in adulthood.
    Once the feet are deformed and destroyed person will experience many posture and feet deformation problems.
    Invest in good shoes for a child - it is worth it since you have one set of feet for entire life.
    Once deformed only improvement can be made no surgery exists to restore falling ankles and feet.

    Orthopedic ankle high sneakers for toddlers

    Ankle high pronation preventive sneakers


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