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Kids rose gold shoes
Fashion orthopedic rose gold leather shoes for girls
Great casual or dressy shoes for girls.
Great for flat feet with proper orthopedic support for girls.
Great fit for narrow to regural width feet.
They are great universal shoes and will match just about anything.
This is an example of a quality shoe with proper heel support, good arches and none sweat soles.
Could be worn barefoot entire season long.
No smelly feet in those shoes ever.
They offer proper support for kids where feet are forming, growing and need proper ankle and foot support.
Shoes are very important for children posture and feet development.
Orthopedic problems are caused by wearing cheap shoes with no support.
USA imports some of the worst quality shoes from China and that is why kids have so many feet problems locally.
Since when shoes made out of rubber are good for kids feet?
How are they exactly support your child's foot?
What idiot came out with such junk and sold it to parent as supportive easy on and off shoes?
Do you realize that crocks, keens, mereles, UGS and other garbage that is imported from China is destroying your kids feet.
Why you think child walks around with pigeon toes and pronated feet - what is the cause of it?
Cheap junk shoes with no support - that is the cause.
In Europe we never even saw a shoe made out of rubber - (rain boots only and even those have ortho support inside)
No sandals, no crocks no keens or any other cheap sneakers or shoes.
Trust us we know what we are talking about here.

Excellent orthopedic arch support shoes

Flat foot best support shoes for kids


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Natural Momma 2017-02-19 21:30:13

We love these shoes. Bought them in Fall 2016 for Sunday school. The distressed look goes great with any outfit. My little one is very rough on shoes, and although she has managed to scrape the toes a little, they still look fantastic.