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Kids sandals with good arch support
Stylish boy's sandals for any occasion with good arch.
Made in Italy by City Shoe brand that specializes in orthopedic arch shoes and sandals.
Soft leather, great arch, leather padding inside for comfort.
Orthopedic arch added to the soles of the model as no flat sandals is ever produced in Europe.
Arch, arch, arch, arch, arch since no flat shoes are ever produced in Europe.
Child will not sweat in those sandals as they absorb sweat from kids feet.
Orthopedic best, arch, foot forming model for a little walker.
They form support and align kids feet and posture.
Perfect for wide high instep feet that boys frequently have.
Soft beige leather with lime addition, but neutral tone down color and style.
Posture corrective best for a child with proper ankle and foot support.

Flat foot baby sandals with good arches

Italian baby shoes with high arch


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Jenni C - Clearwater. FL 2012-05-31 18:43:07

Great sandals for a boy. Soft leather, great arch support and color. I never heard of that brand but like any Italian shoe they are well made. This store has only best shoes for kids, no exceptions you will not find low quality here. I have been buying shoes from them for over 6 years now for all of my kids and I never got a brand that I was unhappy with. I had shoes from Poland, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Portugal and BOY they all have been wonderful. Thank you for great service and ability to buy such great quality in US! Very grateful Jenni C from FL.