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Kids white leather shoes for first steps

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Brands Biomecanics

Product Code: Jeza White

  • SKU: 124578521
  • Kids shoes for first steps
    Best for learning to walk
    Unique shoes
    from Spain with special soles designed for comfort and stability in walking.
    The sole keeps baby's feet in a heel packet and keeps feet supported and stable.
    Designed and manufactured by Biomechanical Institute of Bolonia.
    The sole has a medical patent and was specially designed for new walking babies.
    The shoes are white and decorated with pink cats.
    Perfect mary janes for small child.
    Best arches and none sweat soles for small babies.
    Proper shoes for child that are guaranteed to support their feet and form them correctly.
    European parents only buy such quality for their children since they very important for foot and posture development.

    Cheap shoes with zero support are not allowed for sale in any reputable store in Europe.
    Footwear for children
    is regulated for kids and no cheap shoes are allowed for sale.
    Companies that manufacture them they are regulated by European Ministry of Health.
    Only shoes allowed for sale are European made and orthopedic
    All orthopedic kids problems are cause of cheap shoes with no support.
    Therefore invest in good shoes for your child as they very important for their feet and posture.

    Best white leather new walkers for kids

    Ankle supportive toddler shoes


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    Denise O - Pasadena, CA 2018-03-15 12:36:21

    O my God! Those are simply stunning little shoes for a baby! I just received those lovely shoes and they could not be more perfect. Flexible, good support and they really lovely with our Easter outfit we got earlier. This was my first order and the shoes arrived fast, lovely packed so I am very pleased with my purchase. I definitely will be back for sandals for my child.