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Silver leather girls mary janes ankle support from France

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Argent Silver

  • SKU: 55-7858965
  • Kids shoes made in France with best ankle support

    Deep in a back covering whole ankle that will support and align child's foot.

    Great daily shoes for a girl, unique style.

    Silver metallic leather decorated with a flower.

    Arches added to the sole of the model since shoes in Europe are never flat.

    None smell and none sweat soles added to the interior of the shoe.

    Proper shoes for older girls.

    Kids need good shoes for proper healthy foot support and development.

    You can avoid all orthopedic problems with good supportive shoes.

    Buy European shoes only as they only orthopedic ones

    They support kids feet, posture, body gait.

    It is important that shoes are made out of leather no rubber or synthetic leather.

    Materials are important since good leather is a must, well processed.

    European shoes are the best for kids -  copies of shoes made in China are not orthopedic.

    Ankle supportive walking silver leather shoes for girls

    Silver leather shoes for girls with good arches


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    Marina from Cali 2015-04-09 18:31:44

    Love those shoes - had one exactly last season from Bopy in silver color as well. They wore so well that I decided to buy another silver one for this season. They matched any outfit we had and they cleaned easily. This one is made out of smooth leather and has silver design printed on smooth leather on the sides so cleaning them is a bliss. My daughter wore last years shoes with socks, no socks, she run in them entire 8 months without any problems. Those shoes are truly worth the money plus more. I have been a client of that store since 2004 so I had quite a few shoes from them over the years for all of my 5 children. They always sell quality and every shoe is better then the next. If you not sure of the size e-mail them they will reply immediately.