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Kids shoes New Zealand

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    • Kids shoes nz
    • Slippers for deformed feet kids
    • Girl slippers for a baby girl decorated with a glitter filled heart. 
    • Proper ortho best house shoes with actual arches
    • Notice the back of the sole it is elevated and keeps the ankle stable.
    • That is what children need a good slippers or shoes with proper ankle support and actually fitted soles
    • Europe makes only ortho slippers for kids and shoes
    • No junk shoes is ever produced since they would cause huge foot problems for kids. 
    • Those house walkers are super for child
    • Try them, we sell hundreds of them and usually after first sale local customers buy more pairs as their child love those house shoes.
    • Ultimate support for little feet.

    Slippers for deformed feet kids

    Purple girls slippers with arches


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    Mary from Kansas 2012-08-08 16:41:34

    Adorable, well made slippers. I got them for Fall already and they are wonderful quality. I also bought a pair of well made Italian shoes from that store and they are wonderful. I am so happy that I was able to find such quality on-line since local stores sell total junk to people.

    Amanda - Adelaide, AU 2012-08-02 15:37:46

    I agree! Those are superior quality little walkers for a child. Sturdy, high in the back, supportive yet flexible with great leather arch inside. I got them back in March in pink and they are amazing quality. No wear nor tear on those little walkers - and my daughter wears them non-stop. With socks, no socks outside and inside the house. Her feet never sweat or smell. They cute too....

    Leslie - from Plano, TX 2012-04-28 12:22:45

    Those are the best slippers I have even got. The arch in them is superior. I never even knew that slipper can be made like that. My baby begun prolonging on the left foot and I was told to buy only high supportive shoes. I bought sandals, those slippers and another pair of high shoes from that store and they are amazing. I am truly impressed with knowledge that employees have on the topic of orthopedic, quality shoes for kids. I just wish we had such store locally. The shoes I got are pristine quality and my baby works in them nicely. The effect will come overtime, I was told so from now on I continue to buy only quality shoes from that site. Very happy Leslie from Texas.