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Kids walking on inside of the foot corrective shoes
Baby walking shoes with high arches
Best ankle support, heel support for stable walking.
Beige/brown leather.
Great arches inside build into the soles of the model.
None sweat soles, best for daily wear.
Try them they are lovey shoes for a child.

Baby walking shoes with high arches

High arch ankle support toddler shoes


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Marie, El Paso 2014-03-12 14:35:35

Arches inside like inflated pillows - very impressed by those great shoes. I wanted supportive shoes for my baby that just learned how to walk and I simply could not find any decent shoes locally. No one sells orthopedic shoes in Texas locally...wonder why? I figure because of the price since quality shoes cost money to manufacture and here in USA every kid wears simply cheap shoes (mostly plastic crocks, flip-flops or cheap sneakers from fake leather) and that is why their feet are so deformed. I have no clue if that comes from lack of knowledge or just pure cheapness to spent money or quality shoes. Shoes for a kid are like investment in his posture, feet and overall body development. Spent money now then no need to orthodics later. However this is like a tabu here, even my kids doctor has no clue about quality shoes and feet development. Strange really strange.

Natasha Palm Beach FL 2014-02-20 17:23:49

TOP TOP TOP QUALITY! MY son wore them for 5 months now and they look like new! My God next to impossible to find such quality in USA anymore. Wonderful leather, great support, flexibility, soft leather, proper support, great traction and durable! There is nothing more to add here - I am buying blue ones as his next pair.